September, 3rd-6th 2019

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Updated Conference programme




Here are the papers selected to be presented during the conference.

1. Ambiance, storytelling and immersion (representation and communication of medium including analog, digital and immersive environment)

01001 - Psychological, physiological, and phenomenological effects of colored light

Jennifer Scott and Judy Theodorson


01002 - Experimenting intermediate lived spaces in residential subdivisions: action, interaction and storytelling

Teresa Palmieri and Marion Serre


01003 - Augmenting Psychological Restorativeness towards Immersive Design of Underwater Ambiance

Nermin Sena Ozger, Gözde Damla Turhan and Guzden Varinlioglu


01004 - Traditional and Digital Representations of Atmosphere in Architecture. A first systematisation

Danilo Di Mascio and Yvette Putra


01005 - Post-flânerie: How do mobile devices shape the experience of the city?

Gorsev Argin,Burak Pak and Handan Turkoglu


01006 - Esquis’Sons! Sketching architecture by listening

Théo Marchal and Nicolas Rémy


01007- Digital Immersion - case studies in virtual reality

Christopher Welty and Arief Setiawan


01008 - Mixed Robotic Interface Γ: Searching for a hybrid cyber-physical design/experience interface using virtual/actual

Ebrahim Poustinchi


01009 - “Characters in Search of an Author”. Human figures and storytelling in architectural design communication

Fabio Colonnese


01010 - Exploring territories by documentary: the appropriation of public spaces by collective listening

Luciana Roça, Maria J. S. Martins and Marcelo Tramontano


01011 - Building the city as a stage, the example of Nantes

Emmanuelle Gangloff


01012 - Urban visions: back from the future

Olivier Chamel


01013 - The affective notes of represented space as motors of emotional and sensorial response

Elisa Morselli


01014 - Temporal Sections Conceptual Tool: Articulating Space and Time in Representing Urban Ambiances

Noha Gamal Said


01015 - Envisioning Ambiances of the Past

Guzden Varinlioglu and Suheyla Muge Halici


01016 - The atmosphere of a street: experimental fieldwork on urban ambiances

Andreas Wesener


01017 - Between ambiance and perception: heritage decoding

Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak


01018 - Embraced by swirls of ether. Atmospheric imagination and the representation of assimilation and effect.

Juan Elvira


2. Ambiance and education (tools, techniques, and strategy of design teaching)


02001 - Branding Space: Deliberate Formations in Beginning Design

Margaret McManus


02002 - Architecture as Landscape

Yasmine Abbas


02003 - Perceptions of the nocturnal public space and technological innovations – citizen evaluation of a smart
             public lighting installation in Nantes

Nicolas Houel, Dany Joly and Laurent Lescop


02004 - Studio_ L28: From a Socially Engaged Sound Art Practice to an Open Training Ground for
             Sonic Design Experimentation

Caroline Claus and Burak Pak


02005 - Traversing and sculpting scape through pattern development: blending the natural and the built to
             promote ambiance in early architectural education

Kristin Barry and Sean Burns


02006 - Teaching a thorough, repeatable design process for ambiances in architecture

Thomas M. Lesko


02007 - Envisioning the atmospheric effect through (im)materiality

Nilay Ünsal Gülmez, Dürnev Atılgan Yağan, Murat Şahin, Efsun Ekenyazıcı Güney and Hande Tulum


02008 - Experiments with visible and invisible materials: designing and building an ambiance

Céline Drozd, Virginie Meunier and Antoine Mabire


02009 - Community-based grassroot communication strategies, process and product: The drawings that saved
             our hospital

Michel Mounayar


02010 - Out of “touch”? – An experiential pedagogical approach to daylighting in architecture and interior design

Gillian Treacy


02011 - A network as a source of knowledge for the education of an architect

Melis Baloglu Asut and Yüksel Demir


02012 - “Public Participatory Graphic Communications”

Harry A. Eggink  


02013 - Experiential Simulation and Psychological assessment as a learning process in architectural higher

Barbara E. A. Piga, Nicola Rainiso and Marco Boffi


02014 - Educational XRealities

Martijn Stellingwerff


02015 - 360° VR for Qualifying Daylight Design

Anette Kreutzberg and Emanuele Naboni


02016 - Geometry, Pattern, Kinetics: Beginning Studio Pedagogy from 2D to 3D

M. Saleh Uddin


02017 - A Missing Link: thinking | making | presenting

Zamila Karimi and M. Saleh Uddin


3. Ambiance and Design (process, analysis, observation and execution of design for objects, space, built-form and urban environment)


03001 - Ambiance of slowness. Brussels commercial gallery of the latter half of the 20th century

Claire Pelgrims


03002 - Ambiance through Spatial Organization in Vernacular architecture of hot and dry regions of India –
             The case of Ahmedabad and Jodhpur

Vibha Gajjar and Foram Bhavsar


03003 - Ambiantal architecture – Defining the role of water in the aesthetic experience of sensitive
             architectural ambiances.

Gregory Brais Sioui


03004 - The Topological Reading of Ambiances in the Built Environment: The New Methodology for the
              Analysis of the Luminous Ambiance in the Museum Space

Selma Saraoui, Azeddine Belakehal, Abdelghani Attar and Amar Bennadji


03005 - The space-time cube as an effective way of representing and analysing the streetscape along a
              pedestrian route in an urban environment

Thomas Leduc,Vincent Tourre and Myriam Servières


03006 - A Performative understanding of spatial design, learning from exhibitions

Ayman Kassem


03007 - Maintaining the ambiance of regenerated post-military complexes – current and emerging possibilities.

Marta Małgorzata Rudnicka-Bogusz


03008 - Architectural character in conservation design projects

Salim Elwazani and Pooja Katara


03009 - Heritage interpretation through an architectural design

Bartosz Marek Walczak


03010 - Design of new daylight simulators on architectural scale models

Thierry Blandet, Levin Erbilgin, Nicolas Vergnes, Nicolas Hoerter and Olivier Lehmann


03011 - Light as an ambient material in transformative urban “night” spaces

Meliti D. Dikeos


03012 - Acoustic comfort in the living environment and its association with noise representation:
             a systematic review

Farrah Jahangeer


03013 - Issues of wind mode visualization and pedestrian comfort assessment when designing
             residential buildings on sloping territories in the Arctic zone

Ilya V. Dunichkin, Emanuele Naboni, Anna E. Korobeinikova and Olga I. Poddaeva


03014 - Visual effects of colors on façades during rain

Takayuki Kumazawa


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